Our Vision

At the core of our business, lies our vision – wherever you are in the world, you can forge ahead with your business and trust Asmet to deliver.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve success. We are proud to offer them an extensive service from source to foundry and expertise in our products, logistics and technical services.

The Asmet Story

We are a global supplier with a proven track record:

Late 1980s — Asmet formerly known as A & S Metallurgical Resources is formed to supply iron foundries in the UK (with Cupola Ferro Alloy Briquettes and Silicon Carbide).

1990 — We expand our product range and begin supplying Pig Iron and Ferro Alloys.

1995 — We establish ourselves as the UK’s leading supplier of Pig Iron.

1999 — We acquire Ertel Ore Ltd, specialists in post-furnace metal treatments and process control.

2001 — We develop our new specialised product range of inoculants, magnesium ferro silicon and ceramic metal filters as we expand into new export markets.

2003 — A key stage in the development of our technical services, we invest in Adaptive Thermal Analysis (ATAS) technology and casting simulation software.

2006 — We establish our first European hub in Spain.

2008 — We expand our sales into France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

2010 — New logistics hubs in Belgium, Germany and Italy enable us to improve delivery and service to all our European customers.

2011 — The launch of a new brand and name, Asmet, at GIFA reflects the company’s reputation as a global supplier of foundry products.

2014 — We expand our product range into more markets to meet the demands of our European customer base.

2015 — New product launch of Foundry Coke to the European market.