Thomas Dudley Limited

Thomas Dudley manufactures castings in flake and nodular, ductile irons. It supplies merchants, contractors and the utility industries with the UK’s largest range of ferrous castings.

“Thanks to Asmets technical expertise, our capabilities can now meet and exceed customer’s expectations with a quality assured casting service. Trials were undertaken using Asmet material, which is now established as our first choice in-mould Magnesium Ferro Silicon alloy.”

For many years Asmet have supplied raw materials including pig iron and ferro alloys and technical support to the Thomas Dudley foundry. In 2010, their DISA line was officially unveiled as part of ambitious plans for the future. Asmet helped them to install an inmould nodularisation process using an inmould Magnesium Ferro Silicon Alloy that guarantees both consistent and high quality levels.

Asmet undertook a series of investigations using our portable Advanced Thermal Analysis System (ATAS). We reviewed metal control at the furnaces and moulding lines. This work helped the foundry to realise potential areas for improvement.

With Asmet’s expertise, ATAS is now fully integrated into the foundry’s process control procedures. The process has allowed Thomas Dudley to produce iron to tight limits and low metallurgical variation. ATAS not only allows close control of metal chemistry but also enables monitoring of charge material quality. Additives can be assessed for effectiveness and suitability for our process. Variations in nucleation levels and precipitation of graphite can be measured. ATAS offers a degree of accuracy that is beyond analysis or CEL, ATAS provides assured repeatability and material integrity.

Consequently the foundry’s mechanical properties are comfortably met and risk for shrinkage defects and carbide formation is reduced. This has enabled a high degree of confidence in the integrity and machineability of products.