Asmet has forged strong, long-term partnerships with leading world producers to source high quality materials to meet the demands of modern casting production.


We manage risk in commodity and currency fluctuations and offer a range of secure payment terms and credit facilities.

International shipping

We ship directly from production and are experts in maritime and road transport to comply with international customs regimes.

REACH compliance

All Asmet’s products are fully compliant with European REACH regulations so you can be confident in Asmet’s long-term ability to import into the E.U.

European Hubs

Our hubs in the UK, Spain, Germany and Belgium are strategically located to service customers throughout Europe.

Inventory management

We reserve stocks to meet customers’ long term contract requirements and have rigorous ISO systems for quality inspection.

Distribution and tracking

We understand the impact of a foundry stood still. That’s why we track all orders with a unique Asmet ID number to ensure on time delivery and full traceability.