Asmet to Exhibit at the Launch Event for the Namtec Manufacturing Forum

21st July, 2011, Sheffield, UK

Asmet is pleased to be exhibiting at the launch event for the NAMTEC Manufacturing Forum, a consolidation of previous programmes (AEM Yorkshire and the Special Metals Forum) into a single and highly effective business support offering.

The Manufacturing Forum will provide an unrivalled opportunity for members to explore new market and technology development opportunities in high growth sectors including Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defence and Energy Generation.

Join us to hear first hand from a range of high profile speakers the positive impact this new initiative will have on our industry.





The UK’s Challenge to Produce Castings for Wind and Nuclear Power

As the UK rebalances its economy and recognises the need for more specialised, high value manufacturing, Asmet knows from our wealth of customer experience, that the UK has many successful iron and steel foundries producing high quality castings for the automotive, aerospace, defence, oil, gas and power industries, and that the sector is well positioned for future growth and investment.

Recently, there have been promising investments in new plant and equipment, and we now face the exciting challenge of developing extra capacity to produce the quantity of large, specialised castings required for a new generation of wind and nuclear power generation. It is essential that the UK Cast Metals Sector secures the investment and support to make this happen, but only by working closely together can we combine our knowledge and skills to provide the long-term jobs and prosperity that UK PLC needs.


Asmet’s Heritage and Vision

A vital part of the challenge to foundry suppliers is not only to produce, source and secure the reliable supply of high quality raw materials and specialised products, but also to offer technical innovation and consultancy, an area in which Asmet has always invested.

In 1999, Asmet acquired Ertel Ore (specialists in post furnace metal treatments and process control) and continued to expand our specialised product range, which now includes High Purity S.G. Pig Iron, Ferro Alloys, Preconditioners, Magnesium Ferro Silicon, Inoculants, Metal Treatment Wires, Fluxing Agents, Metal Filters and Inmould Inoculants.

Since 2003 we have acquired 3 portable ATAS Units from Novacast, which is an Advanced Thermal Analysis System for improving metallurgical process control. In 2007, in recognition of our technical ability and close partnership with customers, we were appointed by Novacast as their UK agent.

From source to foundry, we are proud to offer established and trusted expertise in product, logistics and technical support, that does not stop at the delivery gate.

If you’ve got a particular project that you need help with, please contact us to discuss.

Alternatively, please read our latest case studies and testimonials for inspiration and examples.


Our UK Sales, Technical and Operations Team who will be attending the event:

Phil McCarthy
UK Sales Manager
t 01246 296 541
m 07808 971 001

Don Tittensor
Technical Sales Manager
t 01246 296 543
m 07808 971 005

Andrew Parker
Operations Manager
t 01246 296 531
m 07808 971 004

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