New Portable ATAS Units Available for Foundries

Asmet is pleased to announce the investment in 3 new improved portable ATAS® (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) units from NovaCast Systems. These units are available for foundries to evaluate new products and to improve metallurgical process control.

For customers attending Foundry Workshop UK 2012, Asmet will be demonstrating a new portable unit and the ATAS® software on our display stand.

What is ATAS®?

ATAS® is an innovative system which combines thermal analysis and computer software to provide a powerful process control tool for cast iron foundries. Designed as a modular system, ATAS® can be extended to suit specific foundry requirements, including close control of inoculation, spherodisation and pearlite content, and for the production of grey, nodular or compacted graphite irons.

For each grade of graphitic iron, ATAS® produces a metallurgical finger print, which enables the foundry to establish, control and optimise metallurgical condition and practice. User defined information is provided to the melt operators, with a clear graphical display, to ensure relevant corrective action and reduced variability.

The Benefits of ATAS®

Many of the mechanisms behind the crystallisation and growth of austenite and graphite are only partially understood. While alloying elements may alter physical properties of cast iron, the final properties and behaviour of the alloy during solidification cannot be accurately measured by chemical analysis alone, often resulting in casting defects, low yields and variations in physical properties.

Using the ATAS® system offers the following benefits: –

  • Lower consumption and optimisation of alloy additions
  • Reduced casting defects
  • Improved yields
  • Reduced variations in physical properties
  • Improved metallurgical knowledge of staff
  • A valuable quality assurance tool
  • Quick return on investment

Asmet’s ATAS® Services

Day Trials – Asmet’s experienced metallurgists can visit your foundry for the day to conduct product and process trials using our portable ATAS® units.

Extended Foundry Trials – For extended trials, Asmet provides full on site set up of the portable ATAS® system and ongoing technical support. This gives the individual users and the foundry management team the time to assess the ATAS® system before committing to a full installation.

Full ATAS® Installation – For foundries who wish to invest long term in ATAS®, Asmet provide support for the set up of the full ATAS® system, with extra back up and licensing provided by our close partnership with NovaCast Systems.

Proven Track Record

Asmet first invested in ATAS® technology in 2003 to independently verify the performance of its new specialist ferro silicon inoculants and magnesium ferro silicon alloys, and soon recognised a demand from foundries to use the system for their day to day operations.

In 2007, in recognition of Asmet’s technical excellence, Asmet was appointed as Novacast System’s UK agent. This investment has paid off and Asmet has completed many successful ATAS® installations both in the UK and abroad.

Don Tittensor, Asmet’s Technical Sales Manager explains “Our aim is to help our customers improve their metallurgical process, and ATAS® technology has performed an integral role in many successful projects including foundry start-ups, the installation of new in-mould processes, and changes to inoculation, magnesium and wire treatment procedures.”

The company’s website features a number of case studies and testimonials to provide examples and inspiration.

Asmet’s Long Term Commitment

Andrew Parker, Asmet’s Operations Manager added “Asmet has always provided foundries with the latest in product and technical innovation, and the investment in our new, improved portable ATAS® units is a key part of our long term commitment to provide our customers all over the world with the first class technical service and support they deserve.”

For more information, please contact Don Tittensor, Asmet’s Technical Sales Manager

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    Our company is in the quotation process of equipment for thermal analysis of gray iron casting and compact graphite, reason why we ask you for information about it.

    – Technical description
    – Technical service
    – Characteristics of the equipment and operation
    – Type and cost of cup you use
    – Analysis time
    – Price and delivery time.
    – Training

    Hoping to count on your support, I remain of you.

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