We share a wealth of experience in all phases of the foundry process. Our consultancy service includes:

Process Control

We can advise on every stage of the casting process including:

  • Selection of charge materials
  • Alloy additions
  • Pre and post inoculation
  • Grain refinement
  • Cored wire treatment
  • Nodularisation
  • Modification
  • Metal filtration
  • Foundry technology, equipment, automation, measurement,
    simulation software and control analysis
  • Quality assurance

Casting Defect Analysis

First we diagnose the casting defect before identifying its causes and the appropriate solution. Common defects include:

  • Shrinkage and porosity
  • Matrix and mechanical properties
  • Graphite shape, nodule count and optimal graphitisation
  • Inclusions, gas and pinhole defects

We also offer comprehensive laboratory services through our UKAS approved partner.

Remote Support

Flexible and cost effective, remote access is an efficient and increasingly popular way of working with live foundry data to provide solutions fast and on demand.


We share a common vision with our technical partners, Novacast Systems and Saveway to offer industry leading technology solutions.

Technical Partner Website Links: –



Saveway Furnace Lining Monitoring and Measurement Technology

  • Improves safety by reliable monitoring of refractory condition to prevent molten metal breakouts and furnace damage.
  • Optimises operating costs by reducing maintenance costs and production losses.
  • Improves furnace up-time due to risk management of refractory lining.
  • Targeted melting process improvement by optimising the sinter heat.

Casting Process Simulation System - NovaFlow&Solid CV

  • Enables development of runner and feeder design before the production of pattern equipment.
  • Optimises the quality of a casting design.
  • Uses a new, advanced algorithm for improved simulation speeds and accuracy.

Adaptive Thermal Analysis – ATAS Metstar Chemistry and Precision

  • Uses thermal analysis to control and monitor the melt and treatment processes for grey and ductile iron.
  • Provides real time process data that can be used for statistical process control.
  • Calculate thermodynamic parameters.
  • Interprets data and estimates the risk of various casting defects.
  • Can be connected to various types of production equipment and integrated with NovaFlow&SolidCV software.
  • Portable units available for hire for extended trials to assess the ATAS® system before committing to a full installation.  For more information, please refer to the equipment section.

Residual Stress Casting Simulation – NovaStress

  • An optional module extension of NovaFlow&SolidCV
  • Calculates the residual stresses during solidification and contraction

3D Geometry Preparation Tool – NovaMethod

  • Complete 3D CAD functionality.
  • Core creation tools.
  • Gating design assistance.
  • Geometry repair facilities.
  • Works with NovaFlow&Solid CV casting process simulation system.
  • Can be used as a separate system for foundry methoding.

technologyWe partner with leading manufacturers to offer a range of proven metal treatment
equipment that meets the demands of modern casting production:

Cored Wire Feed Machines

  • Enables controlled metered addition of alloy in wire form.
  • Improves environmental control and working conditions by reducing air pollution levels.
  • Can be integrated into automated systems to reduce manpower and improve process control.
  • Micro alloy additions allow a change of grade or trimming to your base material without making major alterations (changing) to the main bath of metal.
  • Maximises yields and reduces pour down.

ATAS Portable Unit Hire

Portable ATAS® (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) units are available for foundries to evaluate new products and to improve metallurgical process control.  Our service includes: –

  • Day Trials – Asmet’s experienced metallurgists can visit your foundry for the day to conduct product and process trials using our portable ATAS® units.
  • Extended Foundry Trials – Asmet provides full on site set up of the portable ATAS® system and ongoing technical support. This gives the individual users and foundry management team the opportunity to assess the ATAS® system before committing to a full installation.
  • Full ATAS® System Installation – For foundries who wish to invest long term, Asmet provide support to install a full ATAS® system, with extra back up and licensing provided by our technical partner, NovaCast Systems.

Metal Treatment Feeder Systems

Asmet also offer feeder equipment for a range of metal treatments including:

  • Nodularisation
  • Inoculation
  • Deoxidisation
  • Micro alloying


Whether you are embracing new technologies, producing new advanced casting grades or simply need to fill a skills gap, we can tailor practical training workshops to suit your foundry and people.

Bespoke Foundry Workshops - Half and Full days

Available on or off site for one-to-one or group sessions.  A wide range of foundry practice and technology areas can be covered, including but not limited to:

  • Casting design, modelling and simulation.
  • Adaptive thermal analysis.
  • Software and equipment user training.
  • Alloy addition and metal treatment.
  • Casting defect analysis.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME)

“On behalf of council of the Lancashire Branch of ICME, thank you for a superb technical seminar to the members.  You should be congratulated on how you managed to explain the importance of combining thermal analysis with chemical composition, and the far reaching consequences of ignoring the combination.”

Richard Cairns
Branch Secretary of the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME)

George Taylor & Co

“Our dedication to customer service has established a reputation with a guarantee of quality through Certification to BS-EN -ISO 9001: 2008. To achieve this, we use premium raw materials such as high purity S.G. pig iron in the casting process which gives our customers quality without compromise. Asmet contribute to this, not just in the quality of their products, but also with their expertise, knowledge and advice, which is equally important to us.”

“As one of Asmet’s oldest customers, we rely upon their commitment, support and professionalism to continue providing an excellent service.”

Saudi Mechanical Industries

“Saudi Mechanical Industries (SMI) have ambitious plans to expand our capacity and capabilities. We have no doubt that we will succeed in achieving our goals by working with Asmet, especially with the introduction of new products, increased capabilities and capacities. 

We are pleased to be associated with Asmet as a supplier of both technical service and raw materials, to help improve our metallurgical process. Asmet are one of SMI’s important manufacturing partners.”

JD Norman Industries

“JD Norman Lydney is a leading global camshaft supplier. Metal control is critical for our products to ensure optimum wear and machinability characteristics.

We have worked closely with ASMET for many years optimising our process with the use of ATAS (thermal analysis software). Their customer support and technical services are invaluable to the success of our business.”


“As a Pig Iron, Ferro Alloys, Instream Inoculation and Advanced Thermal Analysis (ATAS) supplier to Eurac, the service levels provided by Asmet are first class. From technical knowledge and advice through to on time delivery of quality products at competitive pricing I am always confident that Asmet will perform.”

Producing approx. 4,000,000 brake discs per annum, Eurac is one of Europe’s leading brake disc manufacturers supplying vehicle manufacturers, motor racing customers and leading brands in the aftermarket.